Imitrex is the best medication for getting rid of a migraine. Majority of the doctors or pharmacists always recommend the medicine due to the effective results. However, the consumers are advised to be careful because it can also harm. If you are going to consume Imitrex, then there are many things, which should be avoided. In the further article, you can come to know about the things, which should be avoided while the consumption of Imitrex.

Don’t consume alcohol

Some people start consuming alcohol and other such kinds of beverages with the medication to get relaxed. The combination of Imitrex and alcohol is basically a deadly combination as it can cause suicidal thoughts. In fact, there are many people can be seen who have died due to such mixture. So, it is advised to every Imitrex consumer then they should avoid alcohol properly after taking the doses.

Avoid machinery work and driving

The machinery work requires concentration. When we consume Imitrex, then it slows down the brain and causes dizziness and drowsiness. Due to these issues, it is not possible for the consumers to pay the proper attention. In contrast, if they try to perform the machinery work, then they will get injured because of lack of concentration. Similarly, medication consumers should also avoid driving.

Who can’t consume Imitrex?

Due to some inactive ingredients, everyone can’t consume the medication. There are many people, who are unable to take it because it can harm the health badly. Here are some examples, which have to maintain a healthy distance

Older adults – the older adults should not consume the medicine because they are more sensitive towards the adverse effects. Not only this, but they can also get addicted to medicine within a few days. That’s why they should not take such medication.

Pregnant ladies – the medication is not recommended during the pregnancy months. If you are pregnant and consuming Imitrex, then let me tell you that it can harm the health on a huge level. Avoid such medicine until doctor strongly recommends.

Moving further, if someone has the kidney or liver disease, then he/she is also not able to consume such medicine. Apart from this, ladies should also not take the medication while breastfeeding as the substances can be transferred through the milk. By this, the child will have to deal with many issues in the future and mother also.