Migraine can be treated effectively by consuming Imitrex. Many people prefer the medication instead of others because it can offer the best results in a short span. So, if you have a headache, pain or migraine, Imitrex will help you on a huge level in getting back the normal life. By the consumption of such medicine, we can get relaxed from the extreme pain.

How much to take Imitrex?

The Imitrex consumers should always pay attention to the doses. They are required to take the doses according to the instructions of the doctor. The doctors or pharmacists always decide the number of doses by keeping in mind many factors, which are mentioned below.

  • Response to treatment
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Current health condition
  • Medical history

How to take Imitrex?

If you are going to consume the medicine, then you should read the medical directions in a proper manner. It is necessary to have the proper information regarding the method of taking medicine. Well, the medication comes in the tablet form, so it is taken by mouth.

Now the consumer can take medicine with a meal and also without a meal. The doctor will suggest whether you should have a meal with the medication or not. In case, you have any kind of doubt then it is advised to contact the doctor.

How long to take it for?

The time period of taking medicine depends on the medical condition. The doctor will decide the time for medicine. Most of the time doctors only recommend the medication for a limited time as the pain can be treated in a short time. The long term consumption is required in only a few situations.

What happens if you take too much?

Overdosing of Imitrex is dangerous for the health. If someone takes the extra doses of such medication, then he/she will have to deal with a lot of problems. That’s why it is always suggested that medicine consumers should only take the required doses. In the case of overdosing, you will have to suffer from above mentioned issues.

  • Loss of consciousness
  • Double vision
  • High blood pressure
  • Sleeping and breathing problems

Thus, overdosing of the medication will lead to many issues. If you deal with any of these problems, then you are required to take the urgent medical attention. So, contact the doctor or pharmacist when you observe any symptom of overdose.